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About Us

PlayAge is all about cute, pretty, and exciting things about kids.

From all the beginning of our business, we have focused on bringing the most unique and premium quality products to our customers.

Throughout the years of operation, besides our own branded products, we have also built up close relationships with manufacturers who are willing to bypass the wholesalers and allow us to sell directly to the consumer market. That is why we are able to offer the most competitive price while maintaining close watch on our product quality and inventory.

This year, we are even more aggressive, operating and shipping in a unique way -- we ship most of our products directly from our manufacturing facilities... That is right! We only maintain a minimum inventory in our warehouse so that the warehousing and inventory transportation cost is lowered to the very lowest level in the industry. And that is something those colossal companies like Amazon and Walmart are trying to achieve.

Apart from what we are right now as a relatively small company, our goal is to remain profitable and sustainable while strive to provide to the market elegant products across many categories at reasonable price.

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